How technology affected our relationships

Technology has affected all aspects of our lives positively and negatively. For our relationships, there are positive and negative effects that technology has on it. The fact is, there is no definite answer as to if technology has affected our relationships positively or negatively because there are two sides to it.  

Positive effects of technology on relationships

Better offline interaction

As against the conventional saying that technology destroys offline interaction, it has made communication easier for several people. These days, people become close pals online before they meet offline, and it helps foster a better communication because they have interacted quite intimately online.

Better relationships

Good online activity and interaction breeds better relationships. People discuss all sorts of things like education, marital lives, views on recent happenings and others. Hence, it is easy to find people who have similar interests as yours. And when you meet in realty, it becomes easier to bond than before.

Keeps communication with old friends alive

If you have lost contact with some old friends, you can link up with them online. All you need do is search them out with their names, or contact them through mutual friends.

Negative effects of technology on relationships

Decline in intimacy

Intimate relationships come with their difficulties and with the change in technologies, it can infuse more strain in modern relationships. Sometimes, the way individuals use technology can cause problems between them and their partners, which causes conflict in the relationship.


If one is not careful, you will discover that technology can distract you in essential aspects of your life, with relationship not being an exception. Some partners often complain of the way their partners use their devices when they are around them. It is even worse for people who are addicted because they would not know how to manage their attention.


Using the social media/technology for too long has been shown to adversely affect mental health. Dating a depressed partner for instance, can stress the relationship because it would be difficult to trace the source of the depression.