Technology & The Inevitable

iPhone, android, tablet, laptop, television, along with several other forms of technology tend to infiltrate our modern day world, as millions put them to use. But, while these particular individuals spend much of their time consumed by such, others prefer a more simple approach. For, there are some who may find themselves purposefully avoiding the technology that surrounds them, but for others these many devices may pose as inevitable. In turn, several factors play a key role in a user’s rate of consumption, the main ones being career and education.

First and foremost is career, which holds a broad range of positions, depending on the person’s area of expertise-and/or their field of interest. It is with such that these individuals may be exposed to technology at high, low, and/or moderate levels. In turn, some may not have a choice in the matter because they are subject to technology through business meetings and interviews-which may take place through conference and/or video call. It is through such that they have limited access interacting with the person face to face, but are instead only able to see them through a small pixelated square.

Second is education in which college students are thrown into an abundant amount of technology whether it be through having to do research-and/or surf the web-for information, and/or in order to enroll in online classes. Not only that, but oftentimes these individuals don’t even have to be registered online to still need access to the internet. For, many sources of information for them may come from their school website-such as; grades, homework, financial aid information, account balance, registration, and/or even meal plans/living arrangements. It is with all of these that students are placed in a position where they are forced to have access to the internet, whether it be through their school library, or via their laptop/desktop at home.

In conclusion, one must be careful when they are placed in an environment-and/or situation-in which there is very little use of pen and paper, and instead an excessive amount of use of the internet-along with other technological devices. It is through such that one who has made very little use of media platforms-and/or outlets-in the past, can suddenly find themselves fully consumed by it outside of their place of business, and/or school. That’s why it is of extreme importance that one takes the time out to engage and/or interact with other people and things outside of the technology realm, so that they are developing themselves within the real world, rather than behind a screen.