Value on Personal Relationships Decreases

human interaction disconnectAs we clamor after the latest technologies, we lose site of what matters most in life, which is relationships. It has been observed in recent years that relationship inabilities are rising as access to technology is increasing. This has disastrous consequences for humanity. A civilization that does not know how to properly value personal relationships is an unhealthy one and should rethink itself.

When technology began to replace people in the workplace, personal relationships began to decrease in importance. Beginning with the industrial revolution and leading all the way up until the present time, technology has increasingly become more of a presence in the workplace. A trend that is just beginning now, however, is that technology is actually taking jobs away from people. In the past, the ongoing production of technology kept people working, but technology has become smart to the point of needing less human oversight, which is hurting our job market.

When people began thinking of technology as a means of socializing and replacing in-person connections with socializing through technology, the collective value on personal relationships began to decrease. When people begin to feel more comfortable with socializing through the medium of technology rather than in person, or worse yet, feel closer to the technology that enables their socializing than they feel toward the person they are socializing with, they have reached a place of mental unhealthiness.

We are losing our ability to connect with one another due to our obsession with connecting with technology. It is causing fragmentation within our society. Our broken connections lead to antisocial behavior, bullying, isolation, addiction problems, sociopathic behavior, narcissism and generally self-focused behavior. If we want to strengthen the things that make our lives, our culture and our overall condition of a high quality, we have to begin to practice moderation when it comes to technology. The worshipful behavior we have exhibited over it is a social sickness.