The Value on Personal Technology Increases

personal technology infatuationIt is a well known fact that we are something of a technology obsessed culture. The role that technology has come to play in our lives is so much more significant than it was through most of human history. Not just because technology is so much more advanced than it used to be, but also because it means more to us than it used to.  Where before, technology was merely a tool, it is now what facilitates many of our personal relationships. Our televisions and streaming devices put us in touch with fictional and non-fictional characters and personas that we come to think of as buddies. Technology carries more personal meaning to us than it ever did in the past, and our focus on it has become obvious.

This can be observed largely by how much we are willing to invest in our technologies. Our time, money and energy is given in large quantities to the upkeep of our technology. We spend precious seconds, minutes and hours researching, acquiring, assembling and using our technology. We save and subsequently spend astronomical amounts of money in order to invest financially into our technologies. And most critically, we spend reserves of our energy and even emotion on our technology. The concept of entropy is very applicable to this situation. We value technology so highly because we feel that it makes our lives so much easier when in fact, the peripheral chaos that technology creates makes our lives more challenging.

Many studies done by economists, social scientists, cultural anthropologists and mental health professionals have observed that the value people put on their technology, personally, financially and otherwise, has increased greatly in recent years and will continue to do so as we move forward. Technology can be a blessing and a curse, and it is advisable to reconsider the value you put on technology in order to correctly prioritize it.